We’re Live!!

Hey everyone!! The wait is finally over! I know yall are all just as exited as we are. The time we have all been waiting on is here! Our podcast is published and ready.  It will be live on iTunes by 3 September.

Have you ever struggled with depression, PTSD, loneliness, or any other issue since getting out? Are you still in and going through your own challenges? I know that it might seem like there is nowhere to turn. it might seem like you can’t get through it. It might seem like you are facing everything alone. Please know that you can get through it and you aren’t alone. Many of us have faced our own demons and made it through them. We are all here for you.

To you who might not know, our podcast is focused on vets and first responders who are or have struggled with depression, PTSD, etc or those who want to find another community to replace that which they have lost since getting out. Our podcast guest have the knowledge and experience dealing with their challenges in ways that they have found work for them. We strive to explain the ways in which work for each of us in hopes that it will give those struggling actionable advice that they can take from our episodes to use in their own lives.  Our guests come from many different backgrounds from door kickers, to psychologists, to VA staff who only want to give you suggestions that they have seen work. Our guests also involve vets and first responders who have done well since getting out to show everyone that it is possible to overcome and not only survive, but to thrive in their own lives.

We are here to offer a community to those who have lost theirs once they got out or to augment those that already have found another. Regardless of our individual backgrounds, we all have one major thing in common. We all at one time had that purpose that was bigger than us. We had the purpose of service and unlike what many believe, it didn’t stop once we got out. Now our purpose has changed. Now it should be to our brothers and sisters who are struggling. It is our duty to help them and look after them. We have a duty to everyone struggling to do our best to help in whatever way we can.  Please check us out for yourself. There is a lot of great information being put out. I know it will benefit your life.

I challenge everyone reading this to reach out to someone they know and check in on them. Sometimes all it takes is a kind word of a check in to change someone’s day. That might be all they need to make it another one. So please, if you know someone who might be struggling, reach out and let them know you are here. It is all of our duty to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves.

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